Matching Identifiers


The aim of the "Matching identifiers" tool is to offer a way to retrieve the metabolic network identifiers based on a variety of identifiers used in metabolomics. A special care was taken to provide a flexible tool allowing to perform this mapping even for lipids.

Select Toolbox -> Metabolite Identifier Matcher

Input data

Input data can come from any spreadsheet. The first column needs to contain the names that you are using for each metabolite. Then each column will contain the corresponding identifiers you have in your list. For matching it is important to provide the kind of identifiers that are used (e.g. CHEBI) in the first line when you do your copy/paste. For most usual identifiers the name will be automatically recognised. To do so, you will have to tick the box "consider first row as header of columns". If the "class identifier for chebi & lipidmaps" is not ticked then exact mapping will be applied. Exact mapping means that two metabolites will be matched if they have exactly the same identifier (at least one).

Copy-paste your data from Excel files.

Exact or Class Matching

You can match your dataset on network with exact or class method

Exact matching

Class matching

Matching results

You can export result in xls file

Exact matching

Class matching